Beyond the reality – an existential experience!

The girl in her little red dress likes to look at the moon, she never gets tired of it. Every night she meets ‘the man of the moon’ with whom she has become friends. And she tells him about her dreams, desires, happiness and sadness. And his presence soothes and comforts her. Try to do the same thing and look at the moon  – but take your time quietly!

Helena Rüegg and Rob Bangert are inviting you to their dreamy performance “Beyond the Reality”, a world full of imagination, passion and music. They are playing with bandoneon and guitar beautiful compositions and telling with the aid of videos and new techniques the universal history of humanity: life, birth, hope, sadness, happiness, old age and death.

Helena and Rob titillate in this show your five senses: hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch. In this way “Beyond the real” impregnates you in an unforgettable way.

The magic of Beyond the Reality touches all kind of audiences. It’s a concert, a performance, a video experience and a visual art expression. And after 75 minutes of fireworks you will never see the moon in the same way again!

Premiere the 23th of August 2019 – Saint Jean des Arts

Chant sous la Lune – written by Helena Rüegg, read by Luigi Regnanese, played by Duo canto Bajo la Luna