Program and CD

The new program of the international “Duo La Luna” bears the title “Nostalghia”. The program tells the special story of a European migrant  “El abuelito” who set foot in Buenos Aires at the beginning of the 20th century in search of a new life.

The adventures of this migrant come to life in a special way. The special music that depicts the drama, the passion and the adventure plays an important role. A performance about hope and expectation, about emotion, getting on the road and coming home. The personal story becomes palpable and touches the audience.let yourself be carried away by the intense sounds and step into another world that comes closer than you imagined.

“Duo La Luna” consists of Helena Rüegg – Bandoneon and Rob Bangert – guitar. These two musicians play traditional and modern tangos, sometimes melancholic and dreamy, sometimes cheerful and passionate. Helena and Rob studied next to their education at the various conservatories in Buenos Aires, capital of tango. Many of the compositions the duo plays have been written especially for them by well-known composers from Buenos Aires.

The program “Nostalghia” can rejoice in international interest and will be heard in the coming year in France, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain. In December 2020 the CD of the same name has been released.