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In March 2022 the new CD of Duo la Luna will be released. This CD is titled Esfahania and on the CD Helena and Rob are assisted by Mischa Pfeiffer on viola and Winnie Holzenkamp on double bass. The CD will be for sale from October 2021 via email (or via Helena and Rob). The CD will only be available to listen to on Spotify and iTunes in the course of 2022.

The CD contains five new compositions by Helena, but also new work by Rodolfo Mederos, Pablo Estigarribia, Jean-Marie Raymond and Emmanuel Trifilio. In addition, some tango classics are played such as Gran Hotel Victoria, La Bordona and Naranjo en flor.

The beautiful title track of the CD, Esfahania, was composed by Helena Rüegg for the Alpentöne festival in 2017. The song comes into its own in the line-up with viola and double bass.


In December 2020 Duo La Luna’s first CD was released by the Vito records label. The CD contains new compositions by Máximo Diego Pujol, Quique Sinesi and Helena Rüegg, which can be heard for the first time. The music can also be listened to on iTunes and Spotify, among others.

The Suite Les Fortunes written by Helena Rüegg is special. This suite is written in the memory of our good, but unfortunately deceased, friend and actor Herman Vinck.

The CD was recorded in Silvox Studio in Silvolde and the design was made by Marcel van de Broek of OAK-studio. In addition to the CD, the design is also available as a special poster that uses the glow in the dark technique. The stars on the poster glow at night.

Compositions on the CD: Siglo XXI (Pujol), Juegos de Luna (Sinesi), El Abuelito, Hermanito, Milonga de la Suerte, Diosa del camino, Pinzón, Nostalghia, Ara Gesora, Alejandra, Amavita, Ascona Dreams, Florcita (Helena Rüegg )

Online: EP Cuando brillan las estrellas 2021

This EP, which can only be heard online (including Spotify & iTunes), contains two compositions by the French composer Jean-Marie Raymond. The composition “Cuando Brillan Las Estrellas” was composed especially for Duo la Luna. “Canto Bajo La Luna” is one of the first pieces that Duo la Luna played together. Duo la Luna took its name from this composition.