4. Diosa del Camino (digitale download)



In the period from March 16 to June 15, 2020, the world was in a lockdown due to the virus COVID-19 (the Corona virus). All European countries closed their borders. Helena spent most of this time in Sigonce (Haute Provence, France). To find some peace and quiet now and then, Helena started working in the garden of her great friend, the Dutch actor and director Herman Vinck who died in 2019 at Les Fortunes. A garden with a studio specially built by Herman for Helena. Under the impulse of Rob, Helena wrote several compositions in the form of a suite, a tribute to Herman Vinck.

The compositions El Abuelito, Hermanito, Milonga de la suerte and Pinzón are the original parts of the suite. The fifth composition is music that Helena wrote in the same period for a radio play project by Artiance in Alkmaar. However, the piece fits perfectly in the suite and is titled “Diosa del Camino”, a reference to Herman’s old Citroën DS.